Order, Payment and Delivery


The test products ordered through http://arquebusade-herbalwater-since1634.com website will be invoiced and shipped both within and outside of the EU (except Switzerland and Australia) by Arquebusade Europe Kft. (H – 1117 Budapest, Bécsi út 81), which is the exclusive EU partner of the Swiss Heavenly Flowers! In Switzerland the Swiss Heavenly Flowers (Chemin d’Oiselier 50. 2900 – Porretnruy) and in Australia the Heavenly Flowers Australia (5/28 Thames Promenade Chelsea 3196 Australia) perform logistical tasks.

You can only submit your valid order through the http://arquebusade-herbalwater-since1634.com website by filling out the form. Order by phone, fax or mail is not possible. The shipping cost of the test product within and outside of the EU is EUR 3.90!

You can specify a different delivery and billing address. After your order, you can place the product in the basket. The program will automatically assign the shipping fee after the shipping address is granted. The order placed on our website is not considered a written contract.


The test product cost EUR 15,90. All of our products include VAT! We reserve the right to change the price without notice. We guarantee that the specified price at the time of the order will remain the same. We do not assume responsibility for any mistakes on this site.


The value of Purchase is only adjustable by credit card.The transferred amount depends on the number of products and the delivery fee. When you submit your order, you see the calculated total amount. After you submit the order form, the appearing amount shall be transferred to Heavenly Flowers’ bank account. The incoming amount must be accurate. The bank's transfer fee is on the purchaser. In the comment box, please indicate your name and ID number. The order is completed once you’ve received a confirmation email from us about the transferred amount that has arrived in Heavenly Flowers' bank account. The invoice will be found in the package, and the electronic invoice will be sent via e-mail that you can print for your accountant. (The postal/delivering fee and bank transfer costs is not included in the price)

Delivery, shipping costs and deadlines

The ordered product(s) will be delivered by La Poste Suisse and co-shipping companies to your specified address. The delivery time is within business hours (3 to 17 hours). Please be at your delivery address during those hours. In case of delivery failure, the courier will leave a message at your address.

The delivery deadline is your chosen delivery date. We will send you an email to confirm your order has been dispatched. If we can complete the delivery within our specified timeframe, we will inform you by e-mail.

In the event of delivery failure, the courier will leave a notice of availability. In this case, please contact the courier or the customer service centre of the delivery company as soon as possible. You can keep the track of your order on the Internet,via the shipping company websites. Please refer to the tracking section using your customer order number that we have provided in the e-mail.

Delivery times and opportunities:

After the total amount of the ordered test product is transferred, the courier service will deliver it to you.

If you would like to take it personally, in case of this option during the process of buying. You can take personally the ordered and paid product in return for the presentation of your invoice. You can see your invoice in the web-office as soon as the price is paid. Print this invoice, that You have to present us when you come to pick up the package. Please read thoroughly the relevant parts in the Terms and Conditions. The shipping costs is EUR 3.90 .

You can see the country time-warranty delivery times by clicking here >> http://arquebuse-water.com/delivery-conditions

Packaging costs

The cost of packing is included in the product’s price. There is no additional fee.


We provide a 14 day warranty for our products, which you validate by checking your invoice, as we do not provide a separate warranty in the package. We can assert the warranty just in that case if the product is sent back with the original invoice, in original packing, in 100% return on sales forms minus 30% handling fee. The warranty isn’t valid from the improper use problems. As a buyer You can validate the warranty and send the product back due to quality reasons or other well-founded reasons.


The characteristics of the product and use can be read on the product data sheet >> http://arquebuse-water.com/product/arquebusade-water-from-75-herbs-1-x-100ml/

Complaints, complaints, Right of withdrawal

After receiving the package, please check its content. Please notify customer service as soon as possible by e-mail (info@arquebuse-water.com) if something is missing, or the product is incorrect or damaged. According to the right of withdrawal, the Buyer is responsible for the fees associated with the return of the goods. The Customer is obligated to compensate the loss as a result of improper use of the goods. Please note that only the intact product, in original condition can be refunded. If the customer sends back the product and doesn’t provide all originally delivered items, the Seller reserves the right to charge a fee for the missing item on the invoice.

If you choose to return the product, please fill in the redemption statement:

According to the distance contracts concluded by the Government Decree, the Customer entered electronically into contract with the Seller and can withdraw it within 14 days. The customer's right of withdrawal be practiced from the date when the product is received. Without proper justification, all costs associated with the return in case of withdrawal shall be on the Customer. The Seller must return the value of the paid product via bank transfer within 30 days. The customer must provide the necessary bank details for the refund; otherwise, the Seller will be unable to repay the amount.

Heavenly Flowers (or their partners: Arquebusade Europe or Heavenly Flowers Australia) is only responsible for the launch of the product. Once the Heavenly Flowers receives the customer's package delivery number from the delivery company, all responsibility is transferred to the delivering company to deliver the ordered product. All products have insurance by the delivering company. The delivering company’s responsibility is the compensation of the loss in accordance with the damaged product.

Customer service

If you haven’t found an answer to your question here, send your question to the following e-mail addresses, and we will reply in 48 hours: info@heavenlyflowers.ch or info@arquebuse-water.com or info@arquebuseskincare.com.au