Privacy Policy

The webpage is operated by Steve Varga, an independent salesperson of Swiss Heavenly Flowers. The information provided on the website during the ordering of the test product is directly forwarded to the Swiss Heavenly Flowers company and its European partner company, Arquebusade Europe Kft., who are responsible for data management, shipping of test product, invoicing and customer service.

Arquebusade Europe Kft. (H - 1117 Budapest, Bécsi út 81) is the exclusive European Union distributor of the Swiss Heavenly Flowers. As a data controller, the protection of the personal information of the users is the utmost priority. The data management principles of Arquebusade Europe Kft. follow current EU legislation on data protection.

By using the Arquebusade Europe (Swiss) website, you give consent to Heavenly Flowers (Swiss) to record and process your personal data for the purpose and duration of any transaction. Any personal data provided to Arquebusade Europe is handled according to the EU Data Protection Act. Arquebusade Europe does not provide its customer lists to any third parties, and the User can terminate its free subscription at any time.

In the interest of providing you with better service, Arquebusade Europe collects and uses personal data information. Each time you download our free magazine or product leaflets, register for our partner program, or order products through our website, we ask that you provide your personal information. This data can include your name, address, home or work phone, email address, or any other individual information like user name, password, invoicing or other transaction details. All our blog information, letters or information on specials contain a link you can use to unsubscribe at any time.

The information and data you have provided may be used for the following purposes:

  • market research
  • market analysis
  • analysis of consumer habits
  • popularity statistics
  • free prize draws and other games
  • information about new products or services
  • information about various specialties
  • customers’ complains
  • product orders

The Arquebusade Europe company will keep all your personal information confidential and shall take all safety, technical and organizational measures that guarantee the security of your data. Our company treats all information relating to its customers and partners as trade secret. Only a User can authorize Arquebusade Europe to treat his/her personal information in another manner than what is stated above.